Art VS Artist: 10 Of Our Favourite Artists And Their Spectacular Artworks

“One of the strangest things is the act of creation.”

(Vera Nazarian)

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed going through the recent #ArtvsArtist meme. It was delightful experience to witness the faces behind some amazing works of art, so we decided to give it a go ourselves. Here’s presenting 10 of our favourite artists and their artworks.


Acid Toad is an exploration of psychedelia manifest through the dark mind of its creator – Acid Toad a.k.a Gaurav Basu – an illustrator and designer from Bangalore, India. Vocalist at Inner Sanctum, an extreme metal band and one of the heavyweights in the Indian scene, Gaurav is turned on by all kinds of creative pursuits.

Discover Gaurav’s artwork only on Cupick at

Acid Toad



She evolves surreal cogitations and mirrors them with a brush on a sheet. Rachna Ravi, a painter from Delhi, turns figments of imagination into intriguing animate stories. We cannot help but witness the fascinating ways Rachna presents her paintings; her ideas unconventional and undeterred.

Discover Rachna’s artwork only on Cupick at

Rachna Ravi



With an unique eye for color, Bhavana regularly creates color-inspired, eclectic, upbeat paintings, designs and illustrations. Her love for unique fashion illustrations and paintings using gold leaf foils in her artwork are inspired from her parents who make Traditional paintings – Tanjore and Mysore style paintings. Bhavana says, ” I have found my calling; I love what I do and am passionate about it! ”

Discover Bhavana’s artwork on Cupick only at

Bhavana SN



Arushi Kathuria takes form as Swine Flew in her dreams. She is the master of fluorescents and brave contrasts. She personifies the interstellar with limitless colors and a vivid imagination.You can’t help but drown in its blaze. She truly is what she depicts – untamed charisma.

Discover Arushi’s artwork on Cupick only at

Arushi Kathuria



Tanya Daniel Eden is an Indian Graphic Designer /Illustrator / Visualizer from Mumbai. She is a professional swimmer, animal lover, fashionista, foodie and loves to travel, enjoys adventure sports and explore new people and places.

Discover Tanya’s artwork on Cupick only at

Tanya Eden



Arushi Sethi has been publishing her works through her brand, ‘Feed Your Head’. With her artwork breaching the circumference of psychedelia, Arushi feeds on the narrative wonder of her imagination that culminates in her trippy art.

Discover Arushi’s artwork on Cupick only at

Feed Your Head



Kokila Bhattacharya opens up a universe of cherished serenity, to leave behind a world she deems too busy to notice. With a longing to blend herself with nature, Kokila narrates her journey towards a fulfilling whole, granting her artwork it’s inquisitive soul.

Discover Kokila’s artwork on Cupick only at

Kokila Bhattacharya



We’ve followed and loved the work that Rahul and Rohan have been putting out over the years. The two brothers have been quite popular with their work that revolves around pop culture, with a strong focus on movies, tv series and music. And some humour thrown in for good measure.

Discover artwork by RJ ARtwork’s on Cupick only at

RJ Artworks



Aroop Mishra, an artist based in Delhi, hilariously portrays what he witnesses around him. Irreverent and debauched, his creations are gleefully self-indulgent. They might just teach us a thing or two about being lazy.

Discover Aroop’s artwork only on Cupick at

Aroop Mishra



Jugal Chudasama aka Joogz as he likes to call himself, brings a fresh perspective to popular culture, with his minimal yet pervasive artworks. His unusual portraits have the knack of catching one pleasantly off-guard, which only leads to a deeper appreciation of his intriguing array of work.

Discover Jugal’s artwork only on Cupick at


One thought on “Art VS Artist: 10 Of Our Favourite Artists And Their Spectacular Artworks

  1. This is a very good way of showcasing artists vs artwork. People are lazy and these kind of posts are needed. Try and make it a weekly thing (or daily if possible). Keep em comin.


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