Musings: Interview With Akriti Seth

Akriti Seth brings her quirky self to the fore through her decadent artwork. Inspired by everything, as she affirms, she portrays a spectrum of styles, from hand drawn wonders to minimal goodness. Bold and vibrant, detailed and intricate, Akriti’s artwork covers a range of styles and leaves the viewer mesmerized.

We had a conversation with Akriti recently, and learned more about her and her super quirky artwork. Discover more of Akriti’s artwork only at

We’re glad we could finally get to this chat, welcome- Akriti! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! I am Akriti Seth, A Multimedia Designer, An illustrator, A type-lover, A shy photographer, A lover of life, A hippie in heart, A soul with a spark, A reader by the day, A poet by the night and A plethora of emotions.
Yes, Pretty much explains of what I am and what I will be (*ignoring the evolution, as of now). I come from Bhilai, A city in the state of Chhattisgarh (which in itself has a wonderful cultural heritage). My childhood was lost in play and study as I was one of the kids who wanted to be an engineer and make lives around me easier. I was always upto some mischief as my mother tells me and somehow, always managed to get into trouble. I did my Bachelors of Design (Multimedia Design) from Raffles Millennium International, Bangalore & I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it if my parents and everyone around me wasn’t so supportive and motivating.
I am currently a Graphic Designer in the Marketing Team of OLA (ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) in Bangalore. Whereas, I am moving to Mumbai in a month’s time and will be working with Practice Next which is an advertising agency catering to brands with Marketing campaigns and solutions. I love illustrations and I think you’d like to see this project I’ve been doing. A 100 day project for 100 illustrations. (Link:

How did you realize that art was an essential element of your perspective? 

You know you want to be into the field of Art, when you realise that you spend the maximum amount of time sketching and doodling behind your maths notebook when you are supposed to be preparing for your board exams. I was a quick learner of any hand skills and overtime I realised that this is where I belong.

Ode To The Wind by Akriti Seth

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Bramha by Akriti Seth

Posters, Notebooks, Coasters and more available here.

Are there any particular themes you like to explore in your work?

Well, Yes. I really want to work for kids. Illustrations and books for kids. I also want to see how my designs look on fabric, So, that’s another thing as well. I love writing and I have written two books (Unpublished), I want to see how people react to them. A lot of themes I’d like to explore and learn, The list is certainly endless.

Who would you say has been your biggest inspiration?

I would’ve told if it was one but anything and everything inspires me, From the sunlight through the slit of the windows to the Women on the side of roads picking up bricks. If you’d ask me one thing, I’d say Nature, my family and stories which people tell.

Talk us through your creative process. How long does it take you from ideation to the finished product?

My Design Process. That’s a very very difficult question for a person who doesn’t quite follow a process and does what her heart says & on an honest note, I have a different design process for different things. When it comes to illustrations, If I am in a mood it takes me 4 to 5 hours to finish something and If I am not, The same project can be on hold for years altogether. Totally depends.

We are eager to learn about the tools you use. Could you give us a quick preview of your inventory?

The tools I use. Ahem ahem. As said before, I use anything which is available around me. My constant companion is my black gel pen and notebooks with hand-made paper. Gel pens, Gel pens, Gel pens. Oh! Not to forget, I love my Mac and Bamboo tablet.

Would you mind letting us have a peek at your work station? 
Akriti’s Workstation
Akriti’s Workstation
Akriti’s Workstation
Do you remember the first thing you ever drew?

Oh Yes! The first thing I ever drew and remember was a Kite. My mum still has it somewhere in her collection of my memories.

Is there anything you wish to change about yourself as an artist?

I wish I could be less moody and not procrastinate so much. Well, sometimes I wish Universe would’ve given me 30 hours a day but then I do realize the more time I get the more I’ll waste.

If were to choose from all your work till date, what would you pick as your most favourite artwork?

Everything I make is really really close to my heart but this is a poster I did for a play “Nobody Sleeps Alone” which is one of my favourites till date.

Nobody Sleeps by Akriti Seth
Nodoby Sleeps by Akriti Seth
Procrastination- how would you define your relationship with it? And how do you deal with it?

I procrastinate a hell lot but somehow I always find a way to finish my work just before the deadline. There are times when I finish a project like a week before deadline and still keep giving it final touches till the end moment.

I think the major problem we all deal with is ‘procrastination’. I end up making to-do lists and notes and finish work like that. I learnt something about me in this process is that when I write something down and stick it in front of me, I end up finishing it.

What is the one thing that keeps you going?

The one thing that keeps me going is my family. My Mom and Dad play the most vital role when it comes to me as an artist. They make sure I don’t ever give up on something I decide in their own ways. I wouldn’t be half of what I am, if it wasn’t for them.

Does music play an important part in your creative process? Could we get a peek at the top songs on your playlist right now?

Music does play a very important role in my creative process. I put a song on repeat for some 40 to 60 times while working and my playlist has songs from every corner of the earth. is my angel. I don’t have a certain genre as such. Any music works fine with me.

Lately, I’ve been obsessing a lot over Tamil and Malayalam Music. I can say it talks to me.

Princess Water by Akriti Seth

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Star Princess by Akriti Seth

Prints, Tshirts, Coasters and more available here.

If given a chance to work with any artist in the world, who would you pick?

If given a chance to work with I’d love to work with Prashant Miranda. I look upto this guy for his illustrations and story-telling. I have his book ‘Journey Sojourn Journal’, which is my happy place and I flip it over every time I feel lost. He usually works with water colours and illustrates instantly. His colours, His style, His handwriting, Everything about his work, I feel is par excellence.

If you weren’t an artist, what do think you would be doing?

If I wasn’t an artist, I would’ve been a Professional Panda Cuddler because I love pandas.

If you could have only one superpower, what would you choose?

One superpower. Is there a superpower in which I can eat endlessly without living in the fear of becoming fat? I’d want that one. haha!

If you could give one piece of advice for aspiring artists reading this right now, what would that be?
Don’t let anyone have an effect on your judgement. Be what you are and stand up for what you feel is right. If clouded by doubt just let your heart take over. Never under-estimate yourself or undermine your talent. Half the battle can we won with confidence but at the same time excess of anything can pull you down.

There is always a light at the end of tunnel, give in all you have to get there or give none at all.

Nature in Art by Akriti Seth

Prints, Tshirts, Coasters and more available here.

How has the journey with Cupick been thus far?

Cupick is one the the most wonderful online platforms for artists and designers. I think more than everything else is the way it keeps an artist in touch with the world and reality. It’s a very motivating platform for each and every artist around the globe cause not just you get a chance to showcase your work but also a chance to see where you stand and what value your work holds. I am thankful to Cupick for constantly fuelling us up with inspiration. It’s a really nice platform to stay connected with people of the same kind.


Check out Akriti’s artwork only at

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