Jugal Chudasama aka Joogz as he likes to call himself, brings a fresh perspective to popular culture, with his minimal yet pervasive artworks. His unusual portraits have the knack of catching one pleasantly off-guard, which only leads to a deeper appreciation of his intriguing array of work. In this interview, we speak to Joogz about […]


The Tools Artists Use: Series 2

With all the amazing art around us on Cupick, we’ve tried to shed some light upon an essential part of the process that goes into creating art. In this series of workstations and tools, we feature the treasures of five brilliant artists from around the world. Click on the images to explore more of their work […]

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Musings: Interview With Barruf

Barruf expresses his desire to connect with nature through his portraits, which speak volumes of the solace that he derives losing himself to nature’s mysteries. A self-taught artist, Barruf displays an innate talent for recognizing and documenting the intricacies of his profound experiences. His work is often delightful, yet he effortlessly draws upon poignancy when […]

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