Musings : Interview with Prathima and Unnati of ‘Design for Kashmir’

INTRODUCTION NID graduates, passionate professionals, and now mingling minds, together for a cause – ‘Design for Kashmir’. It was merely an idea at first, that slowly took itself towards serious discussion between Prathima Muniyappa and Unnati Agarwal. Soon, with the inclusion of Vivek Sheth, Ayesha Parikh, T T Venkatragavhan, Dhun Karkaria and Hazel Karkaria as advisors, the idea formulated itself […]

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Cupick is now open to public

We’re proud to announce that Cupick is now open to public. Dive right in and find yourself something beautiful here. Over the last two months, as a private, invite-only community, we’ve had fantastic response from artists all over the world and decided it was time to showcase their creativity to a larger audience. We’re now […]

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